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 Both Now Expelled from Securities Industry
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 05/05/04  Appeals Court Upholds Fraud Verdict Against Asensio
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12/24/03  How Asensio Duped Regulators                                                                            

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Welcome to Asensio Exposed.  Where you'll find what every investor needs to know about IQOptions short-seller Manuel Asensio.  But will never hear from him.

His untold story is anything but pretty.   It includes:

a $250,000 court judgment for defrauding a former client (he wiggled out on a technicality)

a recent verdict of securities fraud

secret client long positions in the stocks he calls "frauds"

• prohibited  "naked shorting" of stock 

• undisclosed hedge fund involvement in choosing targets and writing his recommendations

• a checkered past [840 KB] that he conceals--even under oath 

Not to mention allegations that he harassed, threatened, and made shocking demands of everyone from Oprah to a medical school professor.   And evidence that he might not have been able to remain in the securities industry at all—let alone move up to broker-dealer status—if he had disclosed the first jury verdict against him to regulators as he was obligated to do.  But of course didn't

No one barks louder than Asensio about "fraud and deception."  He says it's because he has zero tolerance for impropriety.   We say it's because he's trying to divert attention from the rattling skeletons in his own closet. They know, and he knows, who the real fraud is.


Practices of some of the short sellers are tactics one would expect to find in some lawless, unregulated place far removed from the United States of America. Some short sellers use practices of false accusations of crime associations, questionable accounting practices, threats of bankruptcies,  all for the purpose of depressing prices. We have to have better control of the situation than this. This is allowing market manipulation.

                                              --   Congressman William Lacy Clay

This site is not affiliated with, nor authorized, by Manuel Asensio.  Its owner has no affiliation of any kind with the financial services sector, nor with any of the firms named in this site, except as a shareholder in one of them.